Working chatbot!?!


again, not hopscotch XD

but I need as many people as possible to test out this:

and to add more to it's currently all but nonexistent knowledge of english XD. also yes, I made it self learning, (it can only learn how to respond to any given text, so it's no robot caused apocalypse coming from scratch's servers :3)

I currently can't use the hopscotch app but when (or if D=) I get back i have a great project in mind with those new images, well, actually 2 XD.

(school iPad y u no hopscotch!?!)


refresh the scratch project if you haven't, just patched a pretty big bug lol

(keep refreshing to get what other people have said)




I can't sorry
I'm on mobile


I'll try on my laptop later, right now I'm on iPad so Scratch doesn't work.


I'll try it on the computer! I'm on my iPad now.


It doesn't use the stuff it learned. Do you have to use a Scratch account for it?


Can you put it into


How does it convert Scratch into JavaScript?


1: yes, you have to be an official scratcher to modify the cloud variable so that any phrases can be learned, and 2: I have to be logged on to approve of the chat, and I logged off about half an hour after making this topic lol


sadly no, as it utilizes cloud variables to "learn", and phosphorus just doesn't cloud variables :3


Huh wha


what confuzzles you? XD

also, scratchchat is currently running, and will continue to do so for a bit


ah hem,

fmtl (sorry I forgot :3)


for science! XD

I wanna see what would happen if we got, say, 250 "phrases learned", but when I talk to it too much it's just like talking to me (if everything I ever said was put onto a broken record then played at random). So I want it to talk like everyone who uses it in combination. That's how a chatbot like cleverbot works, it samples every piece of text it has heard, then spits out the one that makes the most (or at least some) sense


Please use the OTML not the FTML.


Could you use the OMTL? I took my name off of the FMTL. :)




link pls?


I remember that old list :0

Plez use the other one though


The official mass tag list. i don't have the link right now. I'm on a computer and copying is a pain.