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"What if we open a new Question/Topic to talk about all the things related to working at Hopscotch? That will be interesting for many people :slightly_smiling:"


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Ok, so, what do you want to know? What was the initial question?


Working at Hopscotch involves teamwork


What kind of things do you need to know to be a designer? Also, what kinds of things do you do at Hopscotch?


I have a couple of questions for the iPhone version.

Will it be any different from the iPad? Obviously the screen would be smaller, but any features or features taken away?

Approximately will it come out?

Will the home version be another app (on the App Store) or the same?

Also, a lot of people have numbers as their username, such as 09726, and I've seen a lot more. Is that a trend, or something else?


Oh, right first, let me explain what is design. Design is a discipline of solving human problems through non-linear ways. Problems are solved through artifacts, physical or abstracts.

To be a designer you need to understand how humans interact with one another and with their environment. Designers use visual and physical tools (software, drawings on paper, physical objects, models, prototypes) to communicate an idea to a builder (it could be an electrical engineer or in Hopscotch case, a software engineer) so they could make it.

To be a designer you need to be educated in things such as history of art, engineering, design theory, and the specific discipline you're working on (fashion, graphics, architecture, software). A designer is the intersection of a scientist and an artist. But while art is about expressing yourself however you want, design is about solving problems and creating "things" to help people. To transfer information (graphic design), to inhabit a space (architecture), to protect you from the weather (fashion design), to help you make complex tasks(interface design), to help you have a more comfortable life (industrial design).

In my case, I design Hopscotch interfaces. With my team, I draw options of screens and the flow of how the app is going to be used. Then we can discussed them, and engineers and other designers and very very smart people in my team can decide what's better for our users. My job is to facilitate "ideas" through visual communications and other interactive tools. If someone says "it will be cool if we can have user accounts, so you can make log-in and log-out", then, the next question will be "Ok, cool, but how does that look like? How will that work?". My job is to translate that idea from imagination to drawings and designs with colors, measures, dimensions, buttons, so everyone can see the implications. Sometimes challenges are more technical, sometimes they're to make Hopscotch a more delightful experience. What do I do at Hopscotch? For example, I drew the new Avatars. But also I draw a lot of the iconography and the dimensions for every screen.

: )


Will it be any different from the iPad? Yes
Obviously the screen would be smaller, but any features or features taken away? No

Approximately will it come out?** Very soon.**

Will the home version be another app (on the App Store) or the same? Same app.

Also, a lot of people have numbers as their username, such as 09726, and I've seen a lot more. Is that a trend, or something else? You'll be able to use your user accounts.


Wow, that sounds amazing!

These are my two favorite things :slightly_smiling: Your job sounds awesome!


Of course it involves team work. It's one of the most important aspects of working at Hopscotch. In fact, anything that it's hard in life needs a team. Think about this: even if you need to study for a hard test at school where only you can do it and you need to do it alone, you need your mom to help you make you food, or someone help you to clean your room. Your teachers will help you with material, people write books to help you understand more complex concepts of science and history. So even when you think you're doing something alone, there's always more people behind you. :slightly_smiling:


What fraction of your time do you spend on forum, designing, and leisure time (sorry, if to personal)


@Rodrigo As a designer, do you help with the coding of the app?


I don't (right now), but I could and I want to.

I know how to code, but I'm better with web programming than mobile programming. That means, that I'm better with websites and web applications. I'm just starting to learn how to code in the App. Designers can code if they want to, they can code what they think. The same way Hopscotchers design an code at the same time.

In general, some designers know how to do front-end (code), some are better at animations and transitions, others are good at visual design (picking colors, fonts, sizes, aligning things, etc.), and others think better in terms of general use of the app (usually referred as UX).

I want to be in this category (a designer that codes), but I'm still learning. Also, I'm a slow coder, and I don't want to slow my team. So I let them program :slightly_smiling:


So designers don't need to know how to code, but use their knowledge of art (Visual Design) and science (Mechanical Design) to help develop apps. (Correct?)


Sort of. Some designers do code, but they don't need as an explicit.

There are different types of designers: architects, graphic designers, motion designers, fashion designers, industrial designers. I'm an interface and interaction designer, so in this case, I don't really need to know about "mechanichal design". But I do need to know about programming. Specially if what I'm designing the interface of a software to help you make more software.


Rodrigo, your comments are nice to read. Thanks!

A question based upon those comments...

Along the lines of making software to help others make more software, do you think we can hope for being able to collapse that huge panel on the left-hand side of the screen until we need it, so we can see more (or even get to) more of our code on the right side? This big, puffy interface tries to be friendly; but (speaking of design that enables coding) it would sure be nice to be able to re-size stuff in the editor.


@Rodrigo, I don't think I met you during the time I visited in June/July. As a designer, who do you work with? Not Josh I suppose, correct?


@Rodrigo, do you ever get overwhelmed with your job? Is it much of a workload?

Like I said before, I may want to be a designer when I get older! :smile:


Yeah @Rodrigo your job sounds awesome! Also, is there a way to visit the hopscotch office?


There is a iPhone version thats ehy there is "A Hopscotcher" shes my friend that has a phone that has hopscotch but doesnt have a page to create projects. Well unless theres a different version for iPhones now but still.. @Rodrigo?
Also how did you come up with the idea of making Hopscotch since your the desinger


Oh so, @Rodrigo of all things in Hopscotch, how do you keep track of the things in Hopscotch? (I know how you get something to featured)