Working at Hopscotch Club



@Explorer_ @Paige1212

Newbie can participate in club activities.

Learner: can invite people to the Working at Hopscotch club topic to join the club, do the daily question with permission from an admin, and start participating in the topic for chatting about the WaH Club for learners, leaders, and regulars.

Regular: can advise mods on who to demote and to promote.

Leader: can create new activities and challenges.

Mod: can suspend members, promote members to regular and any ranks under, create contests, start partcipating in the WaH Club mod topic, and add new badges (badges should be approved by an admin).

Admin: can accept new members, demote members by ranks, take people out of club, create new rules, promote members to leader and any rank under, help out with the daily question, and more. While other club members can reach this rank, it is very hard.


You're welcome!

Thanks for the ideas!


Oh wow cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Ugh why errors they keep happening)


Your welcome
I like coming up with ideas



It's great having you as a mod paigey!


Ok thanks!
I can give a badge idea?


You're welcome!

And yeah! We love ideas ;D


I don't really get it. I was on Regular, I skipped leader, and went to mod. Can someone plz explain?


This is just an idea:
:notes: Music Badge
this badge is granted when you win a contest that has music in the background


Well we were accepting new mods to help run the club. If someone like you got accepted but wasn't at leader, they would skip a rank or more. But anyways we looked at all the entries and thought you and paigey would make great ones!


Ok! Good to know! :grin:


Great idea!

How about instead of "win a contest" we do "create a project"?


Yeah, and you still got the badge for getting leader anyways ;D


Yes! Great! :+1:


Ya I just checked it
And thanks!


You're welcome!

And I'll add the new badge!

Tag List


The news section has been updated ;D




Oh I have a idea
Value badge
This is when you make a project with values
Editor badge
This is when you use like characters like star girl and bear and use shapes and text objects


@Paige1212 you just gave me a badge idea!

:blush: Emoji Badge
This badge is granted when you only use emojis in your project