Working at Hopscotch Club



Mweehehehehejejjeh chokes
Anyways, yayy


Probably "What inspired you to create Hopscotch?"


Yup, those are great!!!!



Welcome to the club! Agaaaaaiin X3


@Sensei_Coder you are getting promoted to learner! Congrats!


Ohhh yes. Probably my picture maker or something.




Yay! Thank you!!! :smile:


Your welcome!

Now you can access the topic for learners, leaders, and regulars to chat!


Like @Explorer_ said...
Pipeline :3


A cool thing that moves so I can watch it for hours XD


Welcome to the WAH club @Work_kids_coding!


You didn't tag me? What's happened?


Very impressive pixel art


Are you on the list for being tagged?
Not everyone gets tagged for the daily question. If you're not on the list, you can ask to be on it! Same thing for the news section of the main post updating ;D


Ok! I did my name, I'm usually tagged!

Doesn't matter, I can just go to the topic each day :wink:



And okay!


I gtg. Bye!


Okey bye!


Pipeline by the real funky 63


Gender dysphoria. This morning. Gender dysphoria stinks. I'm going to cut my hair very short. My mind is killing me.