Working at Hopscotch Club



Yep, and okay! Good luck!


So... what do we do here?




By the way, Valentine's Day is finished


Well in the club we...

  • Sometimes do activities, challenges, and contests

  • Earn badges

  • Talk about working at Hopscotch

  • Talk about Hopscotch

  • Talk about projects we are coding

  • Suggest ideas for the club

  • Suggest ideas for Hopscotch

  • Have fun ^.^


Just gave you an answer to that ;D


Your welcome explo!!!!


We know, but the contest isn't! Lol


@lollypopcorn can I do a drawing for the contest?


Yes, but I think it will be more likely to win if you incorporate code ;D


I made this last week for Valentine's Day. Can I still submit this?


Yep! Thanks for your entry!


No problem! Can you tag me when there will be the next contest?


Yeah! All members are tagged for general contests in the WaH club ;D


(Lemonade stand by @Madi_Hopscotch_)


Diving game by creations of a noob


@Artistic_cat @ValueGamesStudio those are both really cool!


Can't waiiit


I know your not really 164 XD

Okay, you're in! Welcome!!


Probably a good quiz (like Enchy's Senpai quiz or a SmileyAlyssa quiz), or either Minecraft Sneak-Up or Helicopter Rescue by MagmaPOP!