Working at Hopscotch Club [OLD]



Cool rule paigey!!

How about "always be kind to new members"?


That sounds better


Okay paigey, I'll add it! You earned the badge for suggesting a new rule btw!

Also I love your new profile pic!


Thx and thx!
Also @bluedogmc-official made it in dis topic!

Is closed btw! :pensive:


Your welcome paigey!

I saw it and it's cool! I'm actually taking profile pic requests too!


What topic?
Sry for off topicness!
Could we talk on my general topic?!


Sure! And it's okay!

I'll tag you there so you know what topik it is ;D


I have a badge and a rule
Badge Star
You get this badge if you think of 2-5 badges for the club
Don't be mean to any one
And one more badge
You get this badge if you think of 5-10 badges for the club


Thanks for de ideas!

I will consider em!


Ok so you will add them?!
Thx senpai Lolly


I never understood what a senpai and frenpai are...


Senpai is someone you look up to and a frenpai is a Senpai mixed with a friend!


Your welcome!

I think the badge ones are good ideas, but it can be hard to keep track :wink:

I will add the new rule!!!

Btw you have achieved the rank regular!


Oh... Okay! Thank you!

So lolly is a frenpai




Yes and your welcome @FreshGuppy!!




Your a frenpi Fresh, you are definitely a senpai to me!

And paigey too!



We have plenty of great rules now! Thanks for helpin out!


Yay! My profile picture works!