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  • The new update has arrived!


First like and reply!


@BB-Box I did not get what you said there


Please remember to post on-topic things.


I have a question.

What happened to the Chef City Collab?


@Kitkat26 The new update has been a stress for many, so I paused the Chef City Collab for a little bit!
But I want to open it again today


@Kitkat26 did you see my latest topic?


Ok. Cool.

I think most people have gotten used to it so I think that is a good idea.

I won't be on the rest of the day.

I have an orthodontist app., I'm going swimming, then softball.


Anybody have other questions?


Do u speek daink meam


@Blurbyblurb I have no idea of what you are talking about!


U no, daink meam? Dat theng?



How long does it take for you to code an average project?


@Blurbyblurb I have no idea what you are talking about...
@MiracleShoutouts 2 hours


For me:

1 hour and 32 minutes!


DAINK MEAM!!! Datz wat im tokeang ubowt


@Blurbyblurb could you speak normally?


@MiracleShoutouts What is your kind of average?


I am speekeng noremule

I rann owt uf reapleyes


Summons @tankt2016/@MiracleShoutouts

Also I fixed a (Grammatik) mistake in the title :sweat_smile: