@work_kids_coding and @awesomewolf18 collaboration



@AwesomeWolf18 let's work on that Christmas projection am having some problems the version we look at is called uh oh my username is A happy kid :grinning:


Ok @Work_kids_coding


What wrong with it sorry im late


@AwesomeWolf18 help me with monopoly


Ok 202020202020202200202 body invalid


I like the sound @Work_kids_coding anything else


Actually let work on my My Life 2016 addition


Ok ill be right there


OK I will publish what I have


What do we need to do


R u here?


Look here is my progress we need to make moving controls




So u want to make him move up and down? If it is i can find a way to do it


I added controls (up and down) https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xpszcvm18


It might be a little glitchy up here


Um OK but it looks just like mine


It is urs i just added some things


OK well move controls will get to advanced but what other things should we add to the character editor cause we cannot have just that there is no way people would just like those the more we add the more likes we get


Sorry i couldnt respond there was an electrician in our house and was working on our wifi. I noticed in the invisible section one of the hands doesnt turn invisible whats up with that?