@Work_kids_coding @AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder @Rawrbear collab



Yeah, true. :confused::heart: 202020022020


I have to go do homework. I'll try to keep up with this on my iPad, but we'll see. I expect this to take anywhere from 10-120 minutes (I've had four hours of just math homework before :disappointed:)


Ok, speaking of which, I have to start mine. Be back later!


@AHappyCoder @Rawrbear I forgot I only had 3 problems left, so I'm done


Cool! I fixed the bug


Great! So now Rawrbear isn't moonwalking when going left? :smile:


I'll release a new beta...NOW!


Got it! I can give @Rawrbear the beta when they come back


I ACTUALLY WON!! :smiley:

So at least we know it isn't impossible


Well good job! You can make the battle arena!


I'll try, but it might take a bit to figure out your abilities and stuff :wink:


@AHappyCoder You renamed Bear Rawrbear :joy::joy::joy:


Well I did not use abilities for it!
I use When bear Bumps Coin
100 on level 2 platforms
0 on the new level platforms


This is going to be the hardest thing to bug test.. continues to fail at a game coded by kids


I'm really excited about this! It's turning out awesome. Still in the process of making all the level two platforms disappear...


just because it's a game made by kids doesn't mean it's no good!


Lol, I know. Implementing arena platforms now



"Coding is fun, " I say through my gritted teeth.

Almost done..can you possibly add the fighting? I'm terrible at that.


as I was making more levels I thought "@Hoppertoscotch saved when's idea is fantastic!"


Huh? (random filler text)