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@AHappyCoder liked it! So am I in for the sequel? :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Yes! and the trailer!


Boss fight idea?


A REALLY big bullder!


May I give ideas? Make it so every time you hit it, you go back to the start by some earthquake! :smile:


So you get "thrown" back? I think that'll be good! We need to code it so you can only hit it once per time you go up there

EDIT: I now have Hopscotch (iPad), the forum (computer), and Scratch (other tab on computer) open at the same time. Too much? :laughing:


And the boss could throw ninja stars


Or electricity, because he comes from space! :blush:


That's why I suggested LAAASSSEEERRRS xD


I can't win level 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that good or bad..?


Can I beta test if that's open? :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Also, I can probably beat it, I am AWESOME at platformer games :smile:


Bad because I can't test it :wink:


@AHappyCoder Can you publish it temporarily? @Rawrbear and I can save it to drafts and beta test it and you can unpublish it.


publishing...now! @CreativeCoder @Rawrbear


Send me the link..... HURRY


Got it (20 characters)


Got it! (20 fijdbvjkdfbvijndsvjknsdojvnfdkjvnjofdnvkjdfnvkmfdnjk)


Now we have an exclusive beta from @AHappyCoder..YAY. Btw, you can unpublish it now