@Work_kids_coding @AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder @Rawrbear collab



XD It could not be going better! @CreativeCoder


Great! Btw, Mosquito! The special powers can be biting and sending out bugs :beetle::ant::bee:🕷


Those are all insects! but cool ideas for the boss! I just made this poll a topic


Okay I have my iPad now @AHappyCoder


almost done! @CreativeCoder


Since you designed the levels for 1 and 2 I can design 3 (designed already) and 4 for the sequel


It looks like Space Pod won the poll :frowning:


Wow. Special powers could be then:

•SPACE MINIONS!!!!!1!!!!!one!! (I dunno)
•plain old hitting


stomping and you have to hit a button 5 times to kill the boss


I found some better gravity by Etalix


How about the button is a vine and after you hit it five times a big boulder falls on it?


or the fight is on a platform above spikes


@AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder Lol, I really want to collab with you guys, but it's ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You can help in part two if you really want to :wink:


I'll pass, mostly because I don't really want to barge in :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


If you're sure! Maybe you can create some creepy music for the sequel?


Well... I'm speechless. :yum:


You could make the trailer! @Rawrbear


If @AHappyCoder approves and you prove @CreativeCoder, then sure! :smile::smile::smiley: grinning up to my ears, there's no emoji for that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Of course! Thanks! (20)