@Work_kids_coding @AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder @Rawrbear collab



@AHappyCoder YAY! :slightly_smiling: (twenty characters blah)


Here the link!
https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xlszvzcxy @CreativeCoder


Awesome!! Shall I make the announcement?


YES!!!! yes yes yes!


YES!!! Ok, I'll do it now! :smile::smile::smile:

Tunnels of Terror!

OK what can I do right now?


Sorry guys, for some reason, I can only access the forum from my school, so I can't be on at my house anymore. I use CenturyLink, and it's really bad. I wish it was better. :rage:


Ummmm Tunnels Of Terror is done




yes very funnie :joy: