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Do you want to make an announcement on the forums?


You do it! Or I can!


@AHappyCoder Can you make a project with the official name in it? :smile:


The announcement would be a topic


@AHappyCoder Tell me when you make it. :smile:


XD Here's the deal: you make the topic I'll give you the link!


K, give me it and post it here when you're ready. I have gym, so I can't respond in 45 minutes.


Did you remix your project and call it Tunnel of Terror?


Or are you offline? 202020020202020


Hi @Rawrbear and @AHappyCoder. Are we ready?


I am! We were trying to do it, but @AHappyCoder didn't post the official project yet.


Ok. Who should make the forum post?


@AHappyCoder said i should do it.


Ok. (blah twenty characters)


He hasn't made the link to the project though.


I figured. So the game's set and ready then? 'Cause if so we can start on the sequel.


Yep! Should I start the song? You start the second project first.


Got it. Should I use an older version and change it (so we don't have to redo gravity)?


@AHappyCoder and @Rawrbear: should I make a new topic for part two's discussions? This page is getting cluttered and buggy on my poor iPad :sweat_smile:


Ok it's almost ready