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@Joewheels2 I'm not stressed about the game, it's just other things going on. I'm happy with the game and how it's coming along


I saw it on a different post on the forum :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃

But tell me: was the idea on Hopscotch actually made on iOS 4?

Also, I've got to get to bed, so Jimmy Fallon voice good night, folks, and have a great evening! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: See u guys 2morrow :blush:


Just breath deeply, calm yourself. Nothing bad should effect you. I have stopped people from committing suicied before using thism method. Stress equals bad thoughts. Or bad things happing in your life equals bad thoughts.


Oh.. Good night :flushed::laughing::laughing::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think...

It's done!!!!!

Tunnels Of Terror 1.0!

We should test it before the announcment


OH MY GOSH!! (filler)


have you won? have you found any bugs? @CreativeCoder


Wow!! AWESOME!! :heart: But I still don't get how to beat the boss, as I already touched the wire once.


You have to touch the wire 5 times!


Yeah, the vine isn't doing anything :confused: Maybe I'm just doing it wrong


Ok I'll try to fix that


Shall we make a announcement? @CreativeCoder


If you're ready! I have to go to sleep soon, though. Will we announce it on the forum, Hopscotch, or both?


Fixed some bugs @CreativeCoder


Forums! @CreativeCoder


I would honestly love to see members of HT fail at our game tbh. I hope they play it:yum:


HT failing at a game is a sight for sore eyes!
But I am straying off topic


New beta


Got it and beat it! Suggestions:

-bounces you back after every time you hit vine so you can't beat it in one jump
-a "YOU WIN!" thing to finish or "TO BE CONTINUED..."


confound it! there IS a you win!