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@AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder the other forum was to long and glitches so I made this one

A Happy coder and Creative Coder collab

@CreativeCoder and @AHappyCoder I think I fixed the lagging here is the link to the project


@CreativeCoder and @AHappyCoder now it does not lag that much for all characters Here is the link


I noticed you keep flying up when you tap jump like in flappy bird.
I faced this problem as well
You should make the jump button dissapear after tapped for a certain time then have it reappear again.

This is a test platform level I made and you can only tap jump after you land from a jump.


Okay, I can work on this again. I couldn't for a few days because I was making my #HHC15 project, but I'm free now


His am online so what now?


Is the lag under control? If so, we need to fix gravity


Yep I fixed it so you could start working


ok! @CreativeCoder I am going to put on my SUPER LAG GLITCH SPOTTING GLASSES!! and have a look at the code!


is it okay if we remove the select character screen? I think that could be making quite a bit of lag @Work_kids_coding might of fixed it for your iPad and his iPad but not on mine, I found the music to be causing lag also


You can try @AHappyCoder . We can always add it back in later if we choose.


or use another version!


I'll make a poll for the in-game character @CreativeCoder


@AHappyCoder Can we continue this after Halloween? I've been really distracted and I think we can focus on this game more after.


yay!!!!! when I removed character select screen the lag completely fell out of the game! maybe all those Check one if's made it lag @CreativeCoder


And I changed some of the base coding to make it easier to add more levels



Summary of this version:

Changed graphics
Added vine
Added vine climbing
Added a new platform
Added level finish
Fixed lag

Here is some stuff that you can do if you want to:
Add d_eath and damage (D_eath is blocked)

My ideas:

Because the lag is fixed we can put more levels in one project!
More detailed credits
'ere is da link:

Tunnels Of Terror: The lag update!


And I'll start the next level concept art
EDIT: Done!


Awesome! Great job! I was out, so I couldn't respond earlier.


it's fine! I think we could add 3 levels @CreativeCoder