• Work for it • Inspirational speech!


People say they want to be good. People say they want to be the best. They want to be a beast. But no one wants to work for it. No one wants to stay up. No one wants to code one more line. No one.

You can't say you want to be the best without working for it. People find a need to complain. Make excuses. Anything to take the blame off them. "I don't have the subscription, it's not fair." "I'm not famous" "I don't get likes" Excuses don't help. Because at the end of the day, it's down to you. How much you are willing to work. How much you want to give.

You need to believe in yourself. You owe you. You owe yourself. All the work you've done, all the effort. You deserve to do well.

Believe in yourself. You can do it. You are amazing. You are great. You can do it.

Who says you can't? Who says you aren't good enough? Who said?

If you want to be good, work for it. Do it. Get up. Wake up. Go.

The point is: the only one that can help you, is you. Help yourself. Work for it. Tell yourself you can. You are amazing. Please remember that.

Everybody is leaving the forum and stuff. People are complaining about the subscription. Look, you don't have to leave. You don't have to pay. Work for likes. Work for anything you want. This applies to hopscotch and life.

I was bored so I made this. Credit to ET.

If you are feeling down on a certain topic, tell me. I want to make more of these and inspire people. Tell me your problems, and I can motivate you.


I'm gonna be the very best
Like no one ever was


This speech is ok
Didn't read it all tho


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I'm just saying I didn't read it all
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