Words not blocked by the filter that need to be



This word needs to be blocked
Yeah that’s all



That word should be blocked.


Yes, I agree


It isn’t blocked!
Well that’s ■■■■■■■■

oh wait it is

Only leaders can block words and none of them are really active :/
oh well


:/ yeah it sucks


I agree! That word should be blocked!

It can’t be used positively in any way, so it SHOULD be blocked.


The last time this term was used medically was the late 1940s. It was called mental retardation. Which would mean in its monst simple form, mental slowness. But even back the. It would be rude to call people the r word with an s. I also don’t know why people think calling someone autistic is mean.


Sorry monst meant most


The fword with -ing added isn’t blocked.


You’re right! I always thought all along that was already blocked!

That, along with the other r word should be blocked!