Wookie's CONTEST?



Big news! I'm having my very first contest!
Read rules below to enter!


The contest is to create a Easter Bunny. It can be made of anything- (shapes, trail, drawing)


•You may only enter once
•No judging other entrys
• 3 winners will be chosen
•Have fun and Good luck
•ALL entries must be in by 3/23/16 (Wednesday)


1st: Logo, personal model, Shoutout

2nd: Logo, Shoutout

3rd: Logo

Note: If I don't get more than 5 entries then I can't do it so please enter!


Friendly mass tags are not allowed.


Sorry I really don't get this whole mass tag list thing I removed it @Kitkat26


Can I join? I'll probably lose.


Of course @Fun_in_the_Sun


@Kitkat26 I just don't know how to get people to even see my posts :cold_sweat:


Well, I can tell you to get people to see your posts don't do mass tag lists. A lot of people will flag them.


No, MASS TAG LISTS are banned EXCEPT for the Friendly Mass Tag List.


Ok. Didn't know. GTG.


I got my friendly mass tag list from @Rawrbear on his topic where you can add your name to a friendly mass tag list... Is that allowed? @MiracleShoutouts


Yeah, that's the only mass tag list allowed now.


I think i'll do it! :grinning::rabbit2:


I'll enter!


@SabotageWarning @CreationsOfaNoob @Fun_in_the_Sun I might have to discontinue this contest I just don't have time... I'm working on a really big Easter project! Hope you understand​:blush:


Sounds cool, but we can't do it were all cuat up in working on stuff in hopscotch


Here's my entry: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvnqaljkx