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Wookie here and I'm officially starting my leader campaign! This is not fake or for fun it's serious I want to be a leader! If you support me on this trail feel free to create more campaign topics or posts (but not too many because we don't want to flood with topics) !

My Description:
I'm a 13 year old boy who loves to code draw and just be friends with everyone! I think I would be a good leader because I'm always active and I take pretty good care of the community I always email @Liza and tell her if somthing is going on! Also I can be really friendly but also scrict (only if someone is doing something really bad) and I think a leader needs both of those characteristics! Also I've always wanted to be a leader! Hope you will consider me!

My Mission:
To make hopscotch a fun place to be with all kid friendly content,no fighting! Also a place where it's not about likes and features and popularity but about friends, code, and caring about everyone!

My Motto:
With Determination there's nothing you can't do!

Another Note:
A lot of people have said get regular first.. But I'm about to get it in a few days!

Another Note 2:
I completely understand that this is THT choice and if they don't choose me then I'll understand but I'm not trying to force this, let's take our time and let the leaders decide.

Hope You Consider Me!
@Liza @staff @Anonymous @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman

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Grammar police. Lots of grammar errors? Being erroneous is not something HS wants in a leader. :wink:


Hey wookie I will support you but usually sorry to burst your bubble @staff is lookimg for people who seen everything who been on for 100 days but, I think you can still do it!


I don't think you need another topic for this. :wink:

My advice is to not force it, and let Liza notice you on her own.

The leader waves. They're coming. Run.


I don't want to speak for the leaders, but I don't think they want things like this posted everywhere...they're working hard on their decision.


Sorry @Gilbert189 I just wanted to start an official one


I fixed most grammar mistakes?



Begging for leader may not help! In fact, it decreases your chances! Let it happen naturally! :D


why does everyone think im begging...

Im not trying to



I don't think someone making many topics to try to be leader should be leader... Well @Liza makes leaders...


If you wish to become leader, try aiming a regular first and then waiting around 3 months before emailing the Hopscotch Team about your great idea! ;D


I don't think this is a very good topic you need to wait till you get leader but, I totally support you ;D


I agree. Liza and the other leaders will notice you if you would be a great leader, just let it happen on its own. :smile:


Sorry for all the topics and posts!

I'm going for regular right now!

But maybe I'll start this back up in a month or so!

@Liza @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 @PopTart0219


Please only use the tag list once in a topic! I don't need two notifications from one topic!
I think you deserve leader!


No need for two tag lists


I'm pretty sure that it's a rule to only use the tag list once in a topic...


@Holly_Aarmau @Razor @bluedogmc-official

I fixed it...sorry