Woohoo I'm back!


So if anyone has seen my profile on HS, you'll see I hadn't posted a project in 23 weeks. Yeah. I just lost the spark. But now it's back! I'm a little rusty, and apparently my followers have forgotten all about me (No likes in half an hour) but that doesn't matter!

I published a project. Any feedback for me? I'd really appreciate it.


My username is RedRaspberry2016.


WhAts your hopscotch name? Link doesn't work


RedRaspberry2016. That's strange the link works for me.


Could someone post the OMTL? I'm on a phone. I don't normally use it, but hey, whatever.


It's pretty cool!
Great job
I would but I'm on a phone too


List (88 tags)


Try not to use the OMTL in everything, and you should probably ask the owner of the topic first. :)




Oh, oops. I'm sorry ;-;


Thanks for being a good forum user though!!


Oh it's ok!

you don't know how many mistakes I make in a day


You're welcome :D

gices oversized welcome mat


Omg welcome back frennn



I'm so glad you're back! ^^


It is good!! I like it !!!!


Nice project! I have followed you!


Welcome baaaaaaaaack! :laughing::grin::stuck_out_tongue: