Won't be on as much


I won't be on as much cuz i got a C on science .-. Yeah your probably saying "C's are not bad!" My parents are strict. My mom's gonna let Meh go cuz she's nice but I won't be on as much starting tomorrow! Sorryfor da kinda bad news!


Okay!!! I hope you can be on more later on. Good luck on science!!!


I got one once, it was nasty


Good luck improving grades! :upside_down::thumbsup:


I will! :slight_smile:


Thankies! 2020202o39484



A C is bad for me too! Hopefully you can bring it up!


Ok...... wowie!


Don't worry, I beat myself up more than my parents. I still got an A+ on my report card though​:thinking:


You beat up your parents O_o


He he he


Well meh 1st semester report card tried it's very best to spell out ACDC, so me parents didn't mind just because of that xD

history y u so hard ;-;


Good luck improving your grades! I know you can do this!


I think you used our title. :confused:
But too bad you won't be on as much.