Won't be able to go on Hopscotch. iPad taken away :O


Okay so all the tablets at my house got taken away so I can't do Hopscotch at all. I'm able to do the forums but less active. Just a heads up.


Oh.Ok I don't want you to go‚Äč:sob:


NOOOOOO! When will you get your iPad back?


;-; NUUUUUU...at least I can talk to you! :D


Its okay im not leaving forever :slight_smile:


When are you going to get your iPad back?


Ok* wipes sweat of head *


I have absolutely no idea. I'm hoping to get it back soon...


Me too! You are a great Hopscotcher!


You are too! :D


YAS I GOT MY IPAD BACK!!! At least I got it back for now.