Womp error - when object bumps grey Text


1 sentence description of the problem: There is an error when you have an object bumping an empty Text.

Steps to make the problem happen:

Here is a case where it has been isolated.

  1. Have an object and a grey text:

  2. Add a When __ Bumps __ that would trigger if the objects had a valid bump (I.e. Both were visible, etc.)

I expected this to happen: when Jody bumps the text, nothing will happen as the Text is empty.

But instead this happened: the Womp error pops up when Jody crosses the Text’s position. If you replay the project, it freezes instead, I think.

Extras –

Your username: t1

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air 2 & Hopscotch version 3.17.0 (current App Store version)

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Is this what is happening in mine?
My project is old though, from November times.

How about if you set the text to something? Does it still glitch out?


Hmm I'm not quite sure if it is what is happening in yours :thinking: — and that would be interesting to test:

I just decided to make a topic in case anyone else runs into this too.