Wohoo! Tilted Sin/Cos trails!



Hi codingCupcake not sure if you need help with it any more but I would love to try though I am not entirely sure :relaxed: Does changing the Set Speed to 45 to -45 make any difference? I could play around with the project if you publish it, only if you want :blush:


Yes, I'm still working on it. That would be great if you could play with it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Tell me where you're on please, so I can publish it. :smile:


This is what I've spent forever looking for ;u;

Tysm COAN!!1!1!1!1!1


@EP125 check this out! It's similar to your profile picture!


Awesome, that will be fun :slight_smile: I can play around with it sometime now if you are ready to publish a draft :smiley:


It is! That's so cool! It looks awesome! Thanks for telling me.


Look at your location then mine in my profile. Nobody will ever find us.


Yeah XD


This topic looks pretty useful and I was wondering if this should be moved to a new category


Wow it seems I haven't even posted on this topic yet... :0000

This was a cool find. I managed it myself too, by total accident lol :joy:.


I think so too! I think it would fit in #open-source-code


Thanks @Fishyguitars