Wohoo! Tilted Sin/Cos trails!



I've found a way to make tilted Sin/Cos trails!

Like this:

I think it's pretty amazing!
Here's the code:

(you have to "set speed to:[the angle you want]" before the repeat block)

It's not too complicated​:slight_smile:

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Wow that's really cool! I haven't used sin and cos before! Nice job :D


That feeling you get when you see complicated code and don't know what it means...
"Face palm."


@Gilbert189 didn't you needed something like this for your paintbrush?

Or did I misunderstand you?



Thank you so much! My way was much more complicated than this! :smile::smile:

I'll give you credit in the project, thanks so much!


I experimented with it a little, and it looks like you have to experiment a little before getting the result you want
(Like changing these:


Okay, I'll experiment with it! Thanks! :smile:

This helps a lot! My version had like 8 values... :sweat_smile::joy:


Pro tip: Tap on pictures to make them bigger.

You should add that, and this code is amazing! :wink:



I did the same thing in my Atom Model project :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! Angled sine and cosine, finally! Good job!


What is wrong with my code?


Change the value "Turn" in the sin/cos slots to the object's rotation! :D


That works for the oval, but I'm already using a rotation value for the animal's face. When I use a rotation value, the oval works, but the face gets messed up.


Ah! Then just replace the "Turn (4) Degrees" block with an "Increase (Turn) by 4" block. :D


Thanks, but it's not working. I don't know what's wrong. I've never had this much trouble with my code. Oh well, patience. :D


Yes! Yes! Yes! I got It! Thank you soooo much @Gilbert189; you really helped! :smiley:


Ok! I did this, and it worked. (After a lot of hard work)

Now, I have to make a -45 degree tilted trail. Not sure how to do that. :grin:


Can someone help please? :smile:


You just have to change one of the numbers multiplied with the sin or cos bubble to a negative one!


This code makes a 45 degree sin and cos oval. I can't seem to recreate it at a -45 degree angle. Can someone help?