Woah then... this is strange


I clicked on a new topic and this appeared-

So I thought, I guess it just be a PM...
I googled the topic name and it showed up as a link-

The thing is, I've been on this topic before, so why isn't it showing up?


The topic was probably unlisted


Does that mean you can't see it anymore? Sorry I don't know :sweat_smile:


it be gone





it was public it was unlisted? Nuuu what?


Is it magic?

Or secret powers


Yeah. Nobody can see it except mods


Woah :0000000000000 so amazing


Holy figglenuts.

I need an awnser.
The hopscotch team please uhhh




It's weird right? Super strange


I find this quite offending. They haven't given much of a reason why AHC was suspended. Do they even have proof that he communicated outside of forum?


I gotta see this he can't be,


I don't think he should've been suspended either. He is a great person! I doubt he even shared personal info


Yeah, but they unlisted the topic, so now we can't talk about it. :frowning:


Ooh he was suspended because I think Murphy wanted him to come to America and meet up
Personally, I hate to say this but they are both proven guilty of giving out personal information and wanting to meet up somewhere.


This happens to me all the time!


You are 100% right, but I doubt they would've actually done it. THT is just trying to keep us safe though


Same. Let's not gossip though, she could be reading this topic and I don't want to offend her


She's a girl
Read my latest post pls