Woah. I have a lot to say


Hey guys,

Before this becomes a pity party, I just want to say these are my problems. I appreciate the empathy but I would you rather you go give helpful comments to other users and say great things to them.

It all started in late September.

I was playing a football game- a variation, and there was a heated fight. My neighbors are like my brothers, you say you don't like them and never want to see them again but you really would care and be concerned if something terrible happens to them. It was my neighbor and my brother (the neighbor and I have trouble agreeing) and my biological brother. We fight A LOT. I was with my neighbor, all the coaches call us "Power Duo" because of the connection between us during athletic games such as basketball, football, soccer, and more. We still fight a lot and he's nine, but we usually play on the same team and him and his brother fight a lot. The opposing duo was insulting me about every time I may or may not have scored and it annoyed my neighbor to the point where he said "Okay, let's all three okay against her." I won. He went back to help me and it angered the others to the point of inflicting harm. I was the victim, slammed across the ground as a screamed. I was only trying to protect him. I open my eyes to see my neighbors fighting and my brother's foot coming down onto my stomach, and my dad running out yelling. "STOP!" I scream, trying to signal the sound was painful.

Long story short, I was all dizzy and getting bad headaches. I returned to school the next day, walked in a classroom and almost gave up. I kept going, but I missed my Membean for the week. I only got thirty out of forty five. This was impacting my academic performance.

I want to bring out the best in myself. I try hard, and give everything my all. I do try but I'm not perfect. These past weeks have been difficult. I got a C in Pre-Al, and I'm taking elements of algebra next year. I want to learn a lot. I want to, but sometimes you just can't. Sometimes you try too hard, but don't let that voice get into your way. I'm doing twenty (at least) push-ups every night and I'm trying to avoid going to the doctor at all costs... sometimes you make bad choices. I'm in the process of making one.

During PE we did something a bit dangerous. Resistance running. We had a band and one person would step into a strap and the other would step in and run. Blah blah blah and this happens. The girl I'm with is super mean and never pays attention. When the teacher says "DO NOT GO PAST THE LINE" about fifty million times because your partner is going to get a concussion and bust their face, I imagine you may care the slightest bit. She did not. I was pulled and I was trying to sit in, but I fell forward and saved myself with my ankle. It bent and I won't go into deets. I played and did a lot of painful running. I didn't tell the teacher because I was being hard on myself. That's how I train myself.

This seems pointless and unrelated, but guess what- this is affecting me. My LA teacher doesn't like me and pounces on any chance to show me that. I try hard, I do, but I can't. I ha.te saying that because I can. Sometimes there's a hurdle in between you and your goal. This hurdle is as high and Mount Everest. As I'm in the process of jumping this mountain/hurdle (same thing lol) I'll need a break. Working efficiently to get high honors and get into TIP.

So HS, I'm sorry, but I'm leavin.g. Not forever, but I'll be on much less. I just...

I'm still happily coding but I'll be on less. I LOVE coding and the message of HS and I'm in a robot club for girls at my school my friend started, but sometimes we all need breaks. I'll still help but I'm caught up in life's storm.

Also, I'll NEVER quit. I just don't. It's not me.

And I need more practice on my alto sax, something happened to a trumpet player that makes me want to practice even more.
The teacher said "We don't have time for mistakes, I don't have time to listen to them. Go pack up and watch the band play."
Those words made me almost cry. I felt terrible. Sure, he never practices, but I'm just in awe.


Sorry dude

U might have s concussion

I have one


I'm healed now, thanks.

I hope you get better soon, it must be SO hard to take time off of a sport you love.

Little secret over the summer my dad and mom (who is a bone doctor) said "Try crutches for a day so your ankle gets rest" I ditched the crutches lol after twenty minutes


I hope you get better soon, and that's terrible.
But nobody can make a longer post than me mwahaha you didn't btw
Why won't you go to the doctor??


Twenty minutes? Much wow.

So sorry to hear this has happened, Carrot. I know life has ups and downs, peaks and troths, highs and lows, but I can't imagine going through that.

Hope you feel better soon!

Remember you have support here :blush:


Well, life wouldn't be much if everything worked perfectly
Just Know, when you pass it, you can always look back and say "remember when I made it passed that obstacle?"
You'll feel better later, but everything happens for a reason.
I hope you Get better soon :)


Thank you.

Happy birthday by the way!!


It's my anniversary XD
But thx XD


This sux

I totally understand why you decided to take a break from Hop. It is difficult to make projects while dealing with hard situations IRL…

Everyone have their up and downs in life. We all had fell in the dip then climbed out of it. The pattern repeats as we become stronger and tougher.

Have a nice break! :D


Really sorry, I know personal issues might happen, but try to keep a bit of some hope to know that this won't stop whatever your dreams or goals are


I'm sorry...
Have a nice break, @LazyLizard! :slight_smile:







Also same my LA teacher hates me so much


Last year my LA teacher thought I was awesome

This year my teacher just really doesn't like me and treats me like I'm a traffic cone


Last year my ELA teacher was super annoying and I hated her, she liked me though.

This year I absolutely hate my ELA teacher and she hates me :D yay


Yay!! :D

I think she takes off points for me existing lol


My overall grade is an 82 and my average grades in papers and stuffs are 70's

im such an amazing student am I right?
Sarcasm hahahahahahahaha


Omg same my average is 82 and she gave me "NEEDS IMPROVEMENT" I'm like


I love writing but she kinda has that affect that makes you like

k I'll do dis and write dis for a grade


She literally hates me xD


I get that I'm a horrible student, I don't pay attention, I don't listen to your horrid instructions, I do my homework but I do it while listening to leafy, Melanie m, other stuff, sink get distracted and then be like

forget it I'm going to circle random answers
then I start drawing

And drawing

and drawing

then I eventually go on Pinterest, plug in my earbuds and go to sleep
I'm wonderful


Yup that's me

My pre al teacher is awesome but I got a needs improvement

Idk why I've never missed any homework assignment I just stink at math that's it