WKH club/company and way more




To WKH coding club were coders can hopscotch the fun way! Let's start with the basics, WKH stands for Work Kids Hopscotch, there is no website yet but it is getting worked on. If you are an advanced coder read the Advanced section you will really like this club, if you still are still learning read the beginner section you will like this club too!

IMPORTANT: make sure you read everything unless you are advanced at coding but still read everything else but beginner


So let dive right in
1. No mean words
2. Never use these amojis :bikini::hankey:
3. Make sure it is your turn before you code
4. No typing OMG


If you are a beginner you have a lot to learn I will prepare a hopscotch classroom on the form for you to learn on


If you are advanced and want to join type: 20 want to join WKH so that you will have 20 character I added the 20


Sorry unfinished iPad glitched


I don't see the advanced/beginner tabs


Now they are there @Follow4LikesOfficial


Anyone want to join? I have a project we could work on


So is there anybody who wants to join?


I can't do a club alone


I want to join advance, 20!!!!!!


OK I am working on a game called Your Life 2016 addition @Phase_Studios


Me join @Work_kids_coding im kinda in the middle of beginner and advanced


@AwesomeWolf18 OK cool do you know about values


A little


@AwesomeWolf18 you can learn on the way




@AwesomeWolf18 @Phase_Studios


Are you ready to get started? I need a yes from both of you


Yes but i have to go ill be on the forum but not hopscotch


OK we can talk of what we should add


Yea what should we add and where is @Phase_Studios also did you fix the "non- invisible hand thing"


Um no I tried maybe it is a bug