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Remake Update Part 2

Hey! Just wanted to say the remake update wasn’t just that! There’s gonna be way more! I’m just sorting out the axes so that they give the wood they are supposed to… Now, I just wanted to put some spoilers, and say another section below.

Things coming to Remake Update Part 2
Since the remake update isn’t over yet, I just wanted to tell you about some soon to come items!

  1. Gorilla Theives
    These gorillas may seem nice, but they are not. They will appear and start taking your wood! They like hiding behind trees, so it may be hard to spot. Maybe look at your wood counter every now an then. Gorillas will steal ? wood / 1.5s.
  2. Charred Gorillas Theives
    These gorillas are like the normal gorillas, but they steal your charcoal! They attempt to hide behind the worker monkeys, but they stand out! Charred Gorilla Theives twill steal ? charcoal / 5s
  3. Rare spawning trees!?
    These trees are rare. (As the name suggests) These trees only spawn if you’ve been playing for a certain amount of time. These trees will take 1 hit, and it’ll give you lots of wood (and maybe charcoal).
  4. Gorilla Workers?
    These gorillas have been captured by you! They’ve been caught attempting to steal all your wood! Now, they work for you! There are two gorillas that can be purchased after you catch 2. After purchase, they cannot be purchased again, even if you catch another two. Gorilla 1 makes ?? / 20s and Gorilla 2 makes ?? / 25s.
  5. Finally completed Charcoal Shop?
    Yes, you heard me right. The charcoal shop will be fully out with all upgrades.

More might be coming in the future, maybe with more detail in them!

Reasoning behind Charcoal shop deactivation in todays playtest

Sorry that I had to deactivate the charcoal shop, I didn’t have enough time to finish setting up both axe 1 and 2 in the charcoal shop. The playtest was at the exact time I started working on it. It was still able to be purchased, but purchasing the axes in the charcoal shop wouldn’t allow you to use the axe fully. Sorry for the inconvenience and this will not occur again.

Final Notes

Thanks for reading this announcement, and just so you know, the next playtest won’t be until June 1st, from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST.

I will be posting future spoilers, though.


I am officially back, and I am working on the game again!

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Remake Update Part 2

Just a continuation of the last spoilers.

Things coming to Remake Update Part 2 - Continuation
Since the remake update isn’t over yet, I just wanted to tell you about some soon to come items!

  1. Day and Night Cycle!
    Ever wondered why there was no time? Well this is going to be added, so there will be some special things occuring on top of that!
  2. Charcoal Rework!
    Charcoal will be receiving a rework! You will now gain 2 charcoal per 1 wood! Also, instead of selling wood and receiving charcoal, you will have to burn it. There will be a furnace, that you burn your wood and you’ll gain charcoal.

More might be coming in the future.

Final notes

I forgot to state, the special / rare trees will be coming in the next update;

Project Tree

I’ll be posting more later today.

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I think you should make a make a group tag to tag people about updates.

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Remake Update Part 2 - Spoilers!

Been a bit busy lately, but I have gotten some things done.

New Sun and Charcoal Burning area!

More spoilers are soon to come, so I’ll catch you later with some!

(Edit: Leader boards aren’t coming until a long while so I’ll delete it for now.)

Remake Update Part 2 - Spoilers!

There has been some disturbances in Wood Chopping Simulator!

  1. Gorilla Theives 1
    These gorillas will steal 14 wood / 20 seconds. Don’t worry, if you don’t have 14 or higher, they won’t do anything. They appear every 10 minutes.
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Major Changes

Everything is going to be reworked, every system, map everything in a new game.

See you soon!

New village?

The Official Remake for Wood Chopping Simulator

Hey I have some spoilers, and here it is.

A new quest system?


New place! What does the arrow lead to?


The brand new town? Who are those people?


You now require saplings for trees? Also you sell your wood for coins?