#WIP Channel! The Hype! Official Topic!



There is a new channel called #WIP! It is for posting Work IN Progress Projects! This is the topic to talk about new projects that are a WIP and just talk about the new channel too!


I’m hyped. You’re hyped. Everyone is hyped.
Btw: FIRST! In this topic.


The channel started awhile ago…it just wasn’t announced till like a half hour ago…so you might not be the fist one…


Hehe. I was one of the first projects in there of my own volition, maybe the first. Probably not.


I might redo OverBrush… any updates will probably go here


I did not seen that, thank you for telling this! It’s a really cool idea!


i need to keep the ui all in this bar… but the buttons need to be small, and at the same time usable. Ive got a few at the bottom, but it doesnt fit well.


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:


ooh i think i got it


Someone should’ve used the POMTL on this! anyways, the ui is almost done.


This topic is total cringe, especially the title


Oh yes, the hype!


I know, the absolute cringe