Winter Olympics!



This is inspired by @Ella_13 and since she can up with the idea , she will automatically be in ! I would like a mod to join this in case anything goes wrong ! I will start taking requests for prizes now ! Please tell me here if you want to join and just tag me as @Silverdolphin !

Here is the form for the captains :

HS username:
Rate your coding skills out of 1-10:




Prizes for first place :

Follow and spam likes from

Prizes for second place :

A follow and spam likes from

Prizes for third place :

Spam likes from

All projects are due in on the 15th of December!

Members of US
@Nerd4Ever - Captain

Members of New Zealand
@WinningMonkey - Captain

people who want to join


@rainboom , you can join if you want to if you can come up for a prize !

Also , can you make a form for the people who want to join as I am not good doing them by myself !


Sure, I'll make a form! :D

HS username:
Rate your coding skills out of 1-10:

That's for the captain of the team! The captains choose the teams so we won't need a form for that :D

Also, sorry but I'm really busy, I can join D:


Ok ! Then can you ask some of your friends who you know to join ?



Would u like to join? (I doubt Maltese XD)


If you had time , could you make a small prize ?


I have invited them here now !


Of course! Sorry, weirdo me didn't even think of that XD

I'll give a follow an spamlikes to 1st place, and a follow to 2nd, and spamlikes to 3rd! :D


Thanks ! Can you make a separate topic where the list of prizes are ? Also , can you make it wiki as I do not have regular yet !


Can you add the link here too for it ?


I don't think we need a spectate topic, just list them here! :D

And so sorry, but only leaders can make someone else's post wiki ;-;


Can you ask a leader to then ? Please can you ?


Sure :D

You could ask them yourself, but sure :D

Hey @SmilingSnowflakes
@system XD

Can you make this wiki?


Or @Intellection74 !


I have changed the prizes a bit too ! Could you do a shout out ? Also , I am trying to get as many people in here as possible !


Just a note:
There is similar to the hoplympics so you might be better off starting in a couple of weeks. I know that there are a lot of people in the hoplympics who might not be able to do two comps at the same time. You'll probably get more participants of you wait.


This is in winter though ! All the projects are due on 15th December !


i thought winter olympics was in 2 years???


Oh sorry I didn't see that. Winter is actually about to finish in Australia at the moment. Does the contest start now, so I could make an awesome project for December?


I know but I am just doing one anyway !

Also, can someone do the OMTL list here ?