Winter News (Good and Bad)



Hi Guys!
I was planning to post this, but then I kept forgetting. When I woke up this morning, it was snowing (not like sledding snow but flurry snow)
It reminded me that this winter, our power always goes down when it snows. I'll try to keep you all posted about my online status, because I haven't really been publishing much. I'll try to work on my draw pad, and other projects. But, I won't be able to charge my iPad until power comes back on, but I'll be drawing and brainstorming. I also have a lot of schoolwork and our internet isn't stable.
I'll try to come on a lot!


It's snowing where I am too!


That's awesome! My cousins live in the mountains and there was a 45 second flurry at my school and I freaked out and they were like "I'm sorry you had bad weather"
Oh, I just remembered, my friends have a generator and their power stays on!


Omg I always get confused from @PopTart0219 and @LazyLizard's avatars they are almost alike


I know right!! It's just like wat


My fingers were frozen when I went outside at 5:48 AM day. That's when I woke up, I think I went at 6:something something.


This isn't really related to HS!


It could be, @LazyLizard is saying how s/he can't be on HS as much. :wink:


Oh! I see! Sorry Lazy Lizard.


Well it's the middle of summer where I am


It's ok! I understand, nobody wants pointless posts.


Ok guys. This is good/bad.
I'm going to be having flurries tonight!
And then, we have an ice storm.
Friday and maybe Saturday I won't be online.
My phone can use service, but I don't want to use all of it up.


wow is it really snowing


On January 17th it was