Winter Hoplympics! - IN ACTION! MAKE YOUR PROJECTS! (11 days left!)




Can you use discorce meta pm’s for communication?


I wish I could do this, but we recently deleted Hopscotch…:confused:


I would but, idk want to make and wouldn’t have the time. Unless I can submit my game that I finished, which I will also put in blast fusions competition.


Great idea, @Stal98!


I’d join, but I don’t think there’s enough time for me to do a decent trail art (assuming I’d get to do trail art)…
I’m pretty sure many people are in the same situation.
Can I suggest extending the due date to like the end of March?


@IShallNotBeNamed @Dylan329
I have extended the time


Hmmm does it have to be winter related? XD


Season related… tho it is preferable if winter


Sorry but I don’t have Hopscotch anymore


Stop tagging me please


We are currently not reservingng spots for featured from contests but when you have a winner you can definitely nominate it for featured! :smiley:


@StarCoder why did you leave??


Are we allowed to use drafts we have already made (but haven’t posted) or does it have to be made entirely from scratch?


We have five members, should we nominate a leader now?


We should nominate not me to be the leader


I’ll make a poll.


I am going to Code a slick project for this.


I got America to second place last time I led.


Let’s wait for everyone to vote and then continue.