Winter Hoplympics! - IN ACTION! MAKE YOUR PROJECTS! (11 days left!)


So I was thinking back to the Summer Hopolympics and I thought
‘Hey! Why not make a winter one!’ So here it is!!

Rules/How to play:

  • Sign your name under the team you want to represent
  • Make a project season themed (preferably winter)
  • 5 people per team
  • Elect a leader for your team
  • The leader will make a team topic where your team can chat
  • The leader will give each team member an event
  • Only 4 judges (including me)
  • Submit the best project in that team

Sine and Cosine
Trail art
Pixel art

(And if you guys care complimenting other teams, if you are seen doing this @Kayro will like the comments and 5 other posts that you had made! But only on team topics.)

I also need some judges to help judge the projects

Judges (add yourself)

@Kayro (who is absolutely amazing)

The teams will be (edit yourself in):

@JonnyGamer America is pretty slick, my boys!!
@PartTimeFemale ?
@laser_eyed_puppy sounds Fuuuuuuuuuun!
@IShallNotBeNamed May as well help my neighbors to the south.
@Yusamac205 I got the last team to second place. Alright, I might actually code something…

@Jordan ooh I’m ready.
@MyPi Yeah, that’s right I’m on two teams!
@DogWithAPen I think I’m on the team? I made a project for us…

@panthera we’ll prove it exists!
@MyPizza Atlantis team? Heck yeah!
@FRENCH_WAVE123 I think I’ll be a judge

Tag people you thin might be interested!!!
@POMTL @OMTL @JonnyGamer @HopedHoper @SoccerSquirrel

Personal Prizes:

First prize:
30 likes on your projects
Your project will get featured (hopefully, I’ve asked the curators)
You will be followed (if I’m not already following you)
Free website

Second prize:
30 likes on your projects
Free website (made by me)

Third prize:
20 likes on your projects
Spam liked on the forum (by and @JonnyGamer)

(Personal prizes are won by have on of the top three best projects in the competition)

Team Prizes:

First Prize:
15 likes on all of you teams projects
The best project in the team will be featured
Follow on everyone’s profiles (by me)
Free website for the team leader
Team Logo done by MyPi (mostly non- trail art)

Seconds prize:
15 likes on all of your team members projects
Follow on everyone’s profiles (by me)
Free website for the team leader

Third prize:
10 likes on all of your team member projects
Follow on everyone’s profiles (by me)
Spam liked on the forum (by me and @JonnyGamer)

(Team prizes are for the team who wins, comes seconds and comes third)


Sign ups are now closed! Sorry to anyone who wants to join now… the only way you will be able to enter is if you already have five people…

Projects are due 10th of April

Project submitting topic is made! Submit your projects there!

Have a nice day!

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Get rid of the sign up form trust me, more people will enter

When I made my competition people were so glad that there was no sign up form


Niiice! Oh yeah, now we are talking :joy:


They’re all continents beside America.

Do you mean both continents by America or ?


No one here is South American (I don’t think)


Lol… then everything goes quite…


Oh yeahK hopscotcherlympics here we gooo!!!


Thx lol… this is weird…I’m going around begging for people to sign up… lol


Lol, it’s all good because we are in the neighborhood :joy::ok_hand:



*Antarctica is offended

Just to clarify, is team America referring to the USA or all of America?


I would like to sign up under Australia and make a game


Can I join in team Atlantis? We’ll decide who does what when we know who is on our team.


Add your team if you want

WARNING: If your team does not have enough people in it by the 14th… you have to merge into a different team


Yes … well, the whole of America


@PartTimeFemale what do you mean by ?
Do you not know what your doing or what?


@BB-Box @Dolphin_coders @weathercats @Stal98 @laser_eyed_puppy @yaygirls @Dylan329 @DECODECO @Kayro @GoatLord @minioncandy @HopscotchRemixer @WinningMonkey @MyPizza @background_inc @PeachyPumpchkin @William04GamerA @CreationsOfaNoob @Work_kids_coding @DMF

I think you all might like this…
Sry for the CARZY tagging if you are in OMTL…


Yeh pretty mutch


So basically you make a project… it has to be something that your leader gives you… so say they give you sine and cosine… you make a sine and cosine project… but your leader will probably give you something you are good at… then you make the project (it has to be winter themed) and then we will judge which team had the best projects… and whoever wins will get prizes… I’m going to add them in… and I will ask @hopscotch-curators whether they can feature the best project in the competition


Oh lol ok


So you get it now???
Sry I took soo long adding those prizes