Winter Holiday Fest!


I want to do a winter holiday challenge in which you score points based off these criteria

  • capturing the meaning of the holiday
  • research applied(if any)
  • number of holidays done
  • acceptance towards other holidays/religions in the project(no saying yours is the ‘true one’)

@hopscotch-curators would you be able to feature the winner?

Here are some polls to get an idea of what I should expect:

Which do you celebrate?

  • Christmas
  • Kwanza
  • Hanukkah
  • none
  • other

0 voters

Are you going to make a project about it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you be willing to do a project on a holiday that is not the one you chose above?

  • Yes
  • No

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And finally, I shall tag the @OMTL (once again, sorry if this spams you or you don’t like the idea).
I shall enjoy seeing the projects of those who participate and Happy Holidays to all!


I would have the ri st like but I ran out of likes but first reply!


Tag us when you have a winner, and we will feature the project if it’s feature-worthy. If not, I’m willing to put the project on rising :slight_smile:


Hm…I would make something Hanukkah related…but I am working on a pixel art (as a gift)


Do you realize @Panthera that there is already a Christmas Contest?


It isn’t just christmas


Hi @Panthera! I see you’re having a coding contest. Would you like to put an ad in the Hopscotch News? It would give your contest some contestants and publicity. If you would like an ad, go to this topic. Thanks!


Well, those projects don’t have to be Christmas themed, it multi religious. But I guess this one seems more open ended.


We celebrate New Year, Christmas is on the 7th of January for us.


I made this for this contest, but I’m not going to win, it’s just for fun.