Winter competition! my first competition

Winter! Make a project that is winter related! Make anything! Art, games, simulators, etc.


@asianninja729, @aqua, @GOATGAMES,
And possibly,


Winner’s choice! (Needs to be approved)

Deadline is the end of winter so you have lots of time!

  • I want to join
  • Accidentally voted

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Thanks for letting me judge

Ok you will judge but not join

And @decodeco might judge

Yeah unless I can do both

Thx for letting me judge

You’re welc9me!

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Can we use our projects for hcc20?

Hehe I could have joined but I’m already in 2 of them so sorry
But good luck with the comp anyways

I wanna join

Yes you can

What do you consider as the end of winter? Do you mean the Spring Equinox or something else?

I would love to join, though. I’ll be sure to find time to make a project.


The first day of spring I guess

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You can start until 10 people join. Is that ok?

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