Winged_Cat's topic!



Everyone else is doing it so why can't I? Im just going to do whatever I can on here and so can you! You can post polls and whatever just be sure it's not going to create drama cuz nobody likes that :wink:
Oh and don't be rude to eachother have fun
Since this has to be related to Hopscotch I'll answer any questions about Hopscotch as well


I think general topics are places where you can go off topic


You like star vs the forces of evil? I used to watch that show All the Time!
Hi @Winged_Cat , Im @TACOCODE , part of Team TACOCODE
@ValueGamesStudio is also part of Team TACOCODE
wanna be frens?


Hi taco
Hi @Winged_cat!


We just disected a sheeps eye in science


I'm in science




I'm going to band in 5 minutes


Hey I'm in band! I play the clarinet :3


I. Absolutely. L-O-V-E. Star vs the Forces of Evil. I even drew art based on it and on my account, xXShadow_CatXx I'm still making a story about starco's daughter Dream Butterfly


Starco forever!!! :clap::clap:


Me too ^-^ ^-^!


So I Redrew A 'Squad Meme' With The #NotSquad(SeriouslyWeAreMostLikelyNotOhThisIsLong)
Furries Everywhere
And My Redesign Makes Me Even More Of One
Also I'm Allwrgic To Cats So Ya'll Would Give Me Allergies


10/10 :clap::clap::clap: I like this actually


I Look Like A Flipping Creepy Emoji




I'm going to redraw this


Also Do NOT Watch Me! Me! Me!


Welp He Officially Quit :D
Angry PonPonPon Blasts In The Background


o H—