Windows 10 Bug!


Has anyone had this message appear on their screen that said you need to update Windows 10 which I already have and it takes hours to.

Sorry if I'm off topic just curious!


...During what? The Web Player?



I use Mac so I have absolutely no clue. That looks weird, though.


What the heck.......?
THIS is WHY I never updated!
@CreativeCoder it's just like Error Zero...! :scream:


XD yeah..


It's just saying that all your files weren't touched during the update, and that your file system is exactly the same. It's fine, don't stess.


it's just that your files are not touched and are where you left them. don't worry, microsoft won't delete all ur files...
or will they


Well I got trolled, it was an update for Cortana. Woohoo!