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Oh ok. I understand. Good luck with it!


Thank you. I´m hoping for a success…




Hi, I’m a potato that likes cookies and jelly beans


Your bio is awesome!!!


Thank you! That was the first time in a while somebody posted this on my General Topic.


thanks, appreciate your bio!


this is for you:


Hi, I’m a potato that likes cookies and jelly beans!

Your bio is top notch. That’s all I can say.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I am temporarly moving my projects showcase section of my biography to here.

My project list:
The bold texts is the name of the projects, and some information about them.
Here, you can find some of my projects. If you want, you can check them out on Hopscotch. My hopscotch username is William04GamerA.
Google Chrome Browser - Trail & Shape art (featured):

Keynote Icon - Trail art:

iOS Calculator App - Trail & Shape Art:

3D Glasses - Trail Art:

In comparison, here is an old project of mine, just to showcase how much coding Hopscotch has taught me:
Your friend - Talk to it (like Siri) (Really old project, over two years old, when I was a beginner at HS):


Make Mac OS X Simulator.


On Hopscotch? That is an awesome suggestion, I might try to do it! It will be pretty hard without pictures though, as I don’t have a subscription right now.


I have that as some sort of draft (but images obviously don’t upload without subscription). If I decide to use the trial I may be able to finish that, though that would be lots of work


Hi, I’m a potato that likes cookies and jelly beans.

I luv ur bio.


Thank you! And thank you @Petrichor for moving this topic to the correct category as I was unable to do that.


I ate cheese.



What made you find hopscotch? How did you get experience?


Hi, I’m a potato that loves cookies and jelly beans.


I found Hopscotch quite randomly actually. I read a magazine showing some coding apps for kids. I knew about all apps listed except for Hopscotch. So, I decided to try it out. First, I thought “This app seems so simple, I don´t think that you can do any advanced stuff with it”. But, after just a few days, I found out that you could do so many awesome things with Hopscotch. And from that moment, I´ve loved the app. And I have just gotten experience from trying new things and learning.