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No, 200 days are still a lot!


And I am still a member, I have never been regular, not even a day…


You will get Regular one day! I had it for a long time and I am just waiting to re-earn it. I hope that I do that soon.


You lost it? Oh…

I hope so too… I was going to get it but I didn’t have as much read topics as they demand to get regular. And now I think that I am missing the active days, since I had a long hibernation period some time ago. Welp


it only takes the past 50 days into consideration


I know. From 100 days, you need to have 50 active days


Happy 3rd anniversary @William04GamerA


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:



Really? I wanted to reply to all those 10+ notifications and 13 new topics since yesterday…


I can see that. XD


Oh, hello @William04GamerA!
How are you?


Hello Boxy! (because that´s your forum nickname, right?)

I´m fine, but I start school next week. I´m currently programming and building lots of exciting stuff though, so that´s awesome. So I´m good, but I have school in mind. And some negative stuff about it like how unorganized the school start is. They´re switching the online school inteface and some teachers are going to quit. Some amazing ones, unfortunately.


Yes, kind of

I think I will (probably tommorow) try to learn some html, css and JavaScript. I hope I don’t give up too early :sweat_smile:

I agree that the school start is kind of unorganised. I’ve gotten a small amount of information, but not as much as you might need. Last year I got information only some days before we started.


Same here. I didn´t know what my new class was going to be until like 5 days before school started.


I actually got that before we ended school in 6th grade, but I didn’t get any info on where I were going to go.


Also, do you ever play Pokemon go? I don’t know if I said it any time but I’m playing it again since some months ago.


I opened it two days ago but it has logged me out of my account and I can’t log back in since I don’t remember which email addres s I used. Therefore, I can’t reset my password.


Can’t you just try some difffrent emails?


Yeah, but it’s my dads email I think, so I don’t want him to get an email without him knowing to avoid confusion.