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In my digital book there is a simple tutorial for TKinter.
Maybe I could copy and paste it into a blank Google Site and publish it.


I’m not into webpage style, I was just experimenting with the Safari Technology Preview. XD


Wait… maybe one of my two Python books have instructions/tutorials for Tkinter? I’m going to check that!

Oh, okay. It’s super easy though. You just click and the customize elements using buttons, color pickers and more.


This is just a test poll for a project that I am making:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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Hello if you are on!
Hello anyways even if you are offline!


I´m kind of on. I´ve got a browser tab open in the background. Hello!


I saw your summer contest entry and I really like it. I’m sure it will get a high result.

I’m finishing a project myself to enter for the contest right now. It’s not much left so I should be able to turn it in, in time.

Do you also know what 12:00 am est is in Swedish time. I think it’s 17:00 but I’m not sure.


Hi! How are you?


Thank you! However, the code is really cluttered and also not too effective. I had some more features planned that didn’t work out because of bugs.

Good luck! I’m excited to see your entry!

Great question. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ytyo8u8vf seems like a good site to use, but it didn´t show 12AM to me for some reason. You could take a look yourself though.

I am great. However, school starts soon and thunder is on the way. And you?

I had this post from yesterday open as a draft and I just wanted to finish it.


@William04GamerA @BB-Box were you talking about tkinter?


Yes, a bit. I’m planning on learning it more.

@William04GamerA sounds nice with some thunder as there’s often rain at the same time. It rained a bit yesterday for me which were great.


Yeah, rain is nice. The thunder just passed and it rained a lot, so it´s great for all the plants and also for the “Eldningsförbud” (you know what I mean).


Yeah, I hope it will start raining even more soon.


whats a safari technology preview


A type of Safari that has more experimental things for developers than a normal Safari. It’s only for Mac though


you cant do dev console on mobile and i dont have my laptop so rip :slight_smile:


@LunaMorgana387 already answered this, but I also wanted to say that it is (probably) like Chrome Developer Tools.

And for iPad, have you tried this app? I have never used it, but it seems that it should work as a temporary substitute for developer tools. I don’t know if or how you can edit the source code though.


Happy anniversary @William04GamerA!!!


Thank you so much! I just made a Hopscotch project to celebrate it! It’s also my 855th day visited on the forum :slight_smile:


Yesterday was my 200th day visited
shameful for me, since I am an old hopscotcher -_-