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I end school on Tuesday in 2 weeks.

I’m good too. And yeah, it’s really hot outside. A way too hot.

Yes, gen 3 is out. The good thing atm is that they release new events almost every week.


That is probably so that they can get more people to play the game.

With about 28-30 degrees (Celsius) today, that is maybe a bit too hot. It’s starting to get windy though.


Woah! Hopscotch was featured in the WWDC2018 Keynote just now! For those of you who doesn’t know what WWDC is, it is a big event were Apple presents all/most of their news like new features and devices. They didn’t talk about HS, but it was featured in a screenshot:

Wynter is here, but not Winter, but let’s not argue over semantics [ʷʸⁿᵗᵉʳᵈ'ᵃᵐºⁿᵈ'ˢ ᵍᵉⁿᵉʳᵃˡ]

gwiddle.co.uk is free hosting for both front- and back-end applications. It’s kinda like infinityfree but you need to be a student. From what I’ve seen though, 000webhost and infinityfree are better. I’ll start hosting my website somewhere else haha


Well, to decide if the other mentioned services are better than Gwiddle, I have some questions. What interface does Gwiddle have? What platforms does it support? And does it require you website to sleep for an hour every day like 000webhost requires?


supports php, node, js, html, most others, but no ssh
doesn’t require sleep
plesk control panel


I would be super interested in a service that supported Python (especially a web framewor (the whole word is blocked) that is called Flas (and then a k at the end). I know about Heroku and this awesome service called PythonAnywhere, but does Gwiddle support Python?


No, most shared hosting companies don’t because that would require the users who want python to have special images for their servers. Also, it’s just REALLY impractical if you plan on getting lots of hits because python is slow and uses a lot of cpu power. They just decided not to support it.


You are right. PythonAnywhere’s free plan works okay I think, so I guess that I’ll use that for my future Python projects if I don’t use my computer.


Hey, @William04GamerA, this is kinda odd, but I’ve been using this website to collect flags from the countries that people have visited from, and I don’t have Sweden yet, so do you think you could help me out and visit my website? Thanks in advance! https://ilikecollectingflags.blogspot.com


Sure. I’ve fixed it! :slight_smile:


Thank you!! :)


Hello @William04GamerA! I know that you’re coding in python, so I was wondering if you know any good libraries that you can tips me about.

I feel like I should start coding in python again but I know the general stuff and I feel like I should learn a library.

How are you by the way?


I am fine. Enjoying the summer heat over here.

I have recommended two libraries here (both are external), but you could check them out:
https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/cool-programming-resources-you-should-chec k-out/42370/8?u=william04gamera (remove the space after the k, because it is apparently censored).

Now, I have found some more libraries that I find useful. You could try to learn Flas k (without the space) if you want to make web applications. It can be installed through pip. Some standard modules in Python that are useful is the os module, with I use many times to open files from specific directories, create new folders, list folder contents and much more. You should also look at at Tkinter if you want to make a graphical interface. I am going to try to learn it someday.


Thank you!
I will check out everything and try to learn as much as I can. Do you know any good places to learn flas k?
I saw you saying that you haven’t found any good tutorials for tkinter though.


Wow! I didn’t realise it, even though I watched the WWDC!


I was actually surprised that I found that one. Especially because even you couldn’t find it, but you could find one or my typing errors a few days ago.


This is just bc of boredom.

The Hopscotch Forum without JavaScript, Styles, and Images.

(In the bottom, they know that I don’t have JavaScript enabled. XD)

And this is the Hopscotch Forum with JavaScript but without Styles and Images


I haven’t been able to find any Tkinter tutorials yet unfortunately. You can learn Flas k at many places, but this website seems to have lots of information:
https://www.tutorialspoint.com/flas k/index.htm (without the space)


That is cool! Have you checked this tutorial out if you like styling webpages: