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Of course :grinning:

Btw, as long as the device has similar resolution, the pixels/cm will also be similar regardless of screen size


Okay. I already made a project without a customizable algorithm, but I will probably update it later. Thank you!


No one replies XD
I replied on here to keep that trend


I hope that somebody will reply at least. People seem busy right now, look at “Latest”.


Wow! People really aren’t active!


You have a wonderful reply from FrenchWave123 that says “first!”

Now it has a reply :P




@William04GamerA Wanna speak?


Sure! Are you on right now?


Cool! I am on for a while, I am going to try embedding some images on the forum using something called Base64 images and see if it will speed up loading times of topics (more information: https://www.base64-image.de/tutorial)


Oooppp I have to go cya


See you!


Is a markdown (text formatting) tutorial for the forum a great idea or not?

I have some basic markdown tips and some more advanced ones like this one. But that probably counts as HTML.

If anyone sees this, share your thoughts below! :slight_smile:


Why “SBYP”? Has this been done before?


How is everything going???

(This topic is kinda dead…)


Yeah, although I only expect people to reply here when they want to talk or ask me anything (like you just did).

Well, school is ending soon and summer has arrived, so I feel awesome! I really look forward to do fun activities with my family and to Hopscotch and code more than usual.
How are you?


I’m good! Remember when I went on that big holiday last year??
Well, I’m doing the same thing this year! I’m going in just under 5 weeks.


That’s cool! I am going to be at my summerhouse all summer, which I feel super excited about! I will also go on a holiday, not a too big one though. I will meet some family and friends that lives about 6 hours (car ride) away from me.


When do you end school? I do it next Thursday after this one.

How are you btw?

I started to play Pokemon go again lol.


Oh, hello! It was a while since we last talked.

I end school June 8, so Friday next week.

I am doing really good! As long as you don’t live in a city with lots of rain and cold, you probably have noticed the heat. I love Hopscotching outside and school has basically ended, so I feel great at the moment actually. And you?

I checked the app too last week. I don’t really know what they have been doing, but is Gen 3 out or something?