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It’s really weird TBH.
I lost mine finally after being not active xD


Yeah, @system can be weird sometimes.


Sorry @William04GamerA that I am taking for ever on the phone. I have school, and I am also working on a personal project.


Take your time, it’s totally fine!


@PUSHBUTTON Do you know that your profile picture is the logo of an app called “Do Button” by IFTTT (www.ifttt.com)?


Hey there, William. Idk if you remember me but I sure do remember you. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on HS. :smiley:


Of course I do remember you! Hello :slight_smile:


Hello @awesomeonion, @liza, @Rodrigo, and @admins!
I was wondering if www.gethopscotch.com is supposed to have Times New Roman as the title font? Because that is how it shows up in my browser (It has the latest/almost latest Chrome Update when I am writing this.) and if this isn´t intentional I wanted to share that with you :slight_smile:

By the way, here is a preview of the “Times new roman” font:


Thanks for the tip! Are you on a PC? We all have macs and our font (avenir) is built in. We pay for a version from fonts.com so that PC users can see the proper font but it’s entirely possible that there’s currently a bug that we haven’t noticed.


fixed! Good catch @William04GamerA


That’s cool, thank you for fixing it! I’m just happy to help :slight_smile:


Wow THT fixed it fast!


Yeah, they did. Credits to THT!


THT is the best😊 someday I think I’ll visit


Yeah, they are! I want to visit them as well, but I live in Sweden.


Hey @ThinBuffalo, @JonnyGamer, @CreationsOfaNoob and perhaps someone else. You all have a good knowledge about Hopscotch itself, but also about math. I want to create a “working ruler” in Hopscotch and I started using a simple code (you know, turn 90 degrees, draw a trail, move backwards and then change X by a specific amount (in my case 51)).

But, after overlaying a ruler, it didn’t work completely. I know that it needs fine-tuning, but at 4 centimeters on the ruler, it lines up perfectly, while that’s not the case in 18 centimeters mark, for example. Here’s a picture:
Sorry for the bad lightning in the image. It was dark outside when I took it.

The red line in the middle just hides the brand that made the ruler just for copyright and logo reasons.
Do you have any ideas of why this occurs?


The lines need to be a bit more spaced out.


From the picture, what COAN said.

By my calculations, the Move Forward should be closer to 52. But let’s check that and see what the accumulated error would be…

Using an IPad Air 2 (not sure what your device is)
Published screen size: 9.7in

Which is the diagonal, so

A^2 + B^2 = C^2
where, width^2 + height^2 = diagonal^2, in either inches or pixels

So, C = 9.7 inches

Also we know that in pixels
A = 1024
B = 768
C = 1280 pixels

Therefore, 9.7 inch = 1280 pixel
and 1 inch = 2.54 cm
24.638 cm = 1280 pixel
1 cm = 1280/24.638 = 51.952268853 pixel

Using 52 would have an error of
52 - 51.952268853 = .047731147 pixel/cm
In 18 cm the error would be
18 * .047731147 = .859160646 pixel
therefore, using 52 will have an unnoticeable error less than 1 pixel :grinning:




Okay, thank you! I use an iPad Air, but I will do some calculations like you did and see if I can solve it.

By the way, is it okay if I make the ruler customizeable for screen size using your calculations?