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@William04GamerA and @BB-Box do you guys know why The Real Funky 63 usually publish the same projects?


No, I don’t know. I know that he probably is an adult and that he is from Denmark (I have heard that), but I don’t know why.


It’s because he wants people to learn from his projects so he publish it over and over.

@William04GamerA greenland* lol. Almost the same thing


Okay, yeah, that’s almost the same thing :smile:


I think Denmark own Greenland or something. I’m not sure. Do you know?


I think that you are right. I have learned that in school at least.


In school…

Well when my year 9 curriculum science book tells me that there are three states of matter and that electrons “whizz around the nucleus” I don’t think learned in school counts as proof of anything


Or five senses.

Yeah they got that messed up.


Yeah, they have gotten things wrong sometimes.


I disagreee! “They have gotten things wrong sometimes” is not nearly strong enough
THEY ARE TAILKING ABOUT ATOMS HERE they shouldn’t simplify basic knowledge!


Yeah, in your case, that’s true. Fortunately I haven’t experienced too weird or false statements in school yet.


Am I allowed to put my tag “stal98_was_here” on your topic???


I’m gonna start the UMTL
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Wanna join?



(Sry for tagging you HorseLover)


nah ur good


Sure, you can do it! I need to add more tags to the topic anyways, so go ahead.


No, wait… I got member. How did that happen? I consider myself pretty active, I’m on here everyday :question:
@JonnyGamer Don’t you agree?


Yeah, hmm that’s weird
I thought you had regular :thinking:


Well, that´s what I thought too. I must have lost it yesterday.


Those regular badges have had a bad attitude lately.
Maybe you need lots of likes a day?


I have no idea. Maybe the reason was something with new topic - I read them but like a third was general topics and art topics that I couldn’t contribute to that much. I’ll become more active and re-earn this badge now :smile: