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Hey welcome @William04GamerA !




Thanks! Also, good luck in learning Python! I saw that you started to learn it, and I would definitely recommend the website that I linked earlier. It is really good for learning Python.


What website?


This website:

Also, I play Pokémon Go very rarely now. Do you still play it?




Nope I don’t. TBH I miss it, mostly cause I have some good memories from it xD


Do you guys have any social media apps? @William04GamerA and @BB-Box


Yeah. I have Snapchat but I never use it. I think it’s bad. I have discord too that i think is better.


I have Discord, like @BB-Box, but only for making Discord boys using node.js and/or Python.


I’ve tried making bots on discord many times, and it always starts good but then I mess it up xD


I have Instagram but i odnt have Snapchat and dont have Discord




That’s sad. I kind of know / are learning how to host bots on Heroku. In that way, you can code the bot locally, then upload it to GitHub and then run it in the cloud pretty much 24/7 if you use this service:
However, the app (the bot) needs to sleep six hours a day.


Is it free?
Because if it is that’s awesome.


@BB-Box how do you post while only writing 3 letters? It always says the 20 characters stuff


You need skills XD
No but you put stuff between < >


Yes, it is the free plan that requires bot sleeping every 6 hours. But after you uploaded your bot to GitHub, you can’t edit it. If you do, the bot will go offline for some reason.


That’s bad.
Anyways, i need to go bye.
Tips: invite pokecord to a server. It’s a good bot.


Okay, thank you for the tip and goodbye! See you! :slight_smile: