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@William04GamerA do you still play Pokemon go?


No problem bro(20 characters)


I dont anymore. I got exams next week and have to study. But i can still code


Do you know any other language beside HS?


Yup. CSS, Javascript and HTML


Tanks to @William04GamerA i started Python yesterday!


Cool. I know like like a really small bit of it. It’s cool. I’m learning java atm.


If you know JavaScript you shouldn’t learn python. It’s not the best language. My opinion


Why? (20 characters)


It’s kinda limited. You need a lot of libraries for it.


Btw, where is @William04GamerA ? We should chat with him


I have no idea. He probably left.


Are you 12 or 13? (20 characters


What if I’m 7474837276263636372818373772?
I’m 13.


Why? Im 12 sad life for me




If you are 13, means you are in 8th grade? Idk about your education system there


I’m in 7th grade (swediah system) otherwise 8th grade if American system.


Hi @William04GamerA!!


I went back on Hopscotch to publish a project. Here I am :slight_smile: