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This is really weird :open_mouth:


Poll Within a poll!??!?!

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Another weird bug…


I want to try and get it to work though
It’s really buggy, which is too bad. Oh well :/


JonnyGamer-master Of HTML


Testing something
\t Hmm


Thanks @William04GamerA ! Sorry for the trouble. Btw, do you play any mobile or pc games?


No, that much actually. On my mobile I play some random games I have installed (like Clash Royale and slither.io), but other than that, I code.


What coding language do you usally use?


Hopscotch and Python.


I am currently learnig CSS, Javascript and HTML. Is Python similar to these 3 coding languages?


Hmm… I can’t really tell that, I know a little HTML and Python is a more “human” language without lots of commas, brackets and so on. If you want to make more advanced or more integrated stuff, you could import modules (kind of like in Node.js) Here are some great Python codes to look at (they are not made by me):


Thanks for the link!




Im currently working on a project in Hopscotch. Its like the person will input their date of birth and after the person input it, the code will run and it will find the Day of birth. Basically finding the Day of birth (it only works till 2010)


Hi @BB-Box long time no see!


xD yeah.


@BB-Box Hello! My iPad has a weird issue with quoting, so could you please explain what you said in the hidden text? If you said something important. Or never mind… I know a trick thanks to @JonnyGamer (I think) that can make me see it.


I didn’t say anything in that hidden text xD


Anyways, how are you?