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Oh, I thought he was talking to you. It sounded weird as you are popular.


@William04GamerA do you mind doing a collab with me. You do really good phone trail arts, so I thought we could make a working phone in Hopscotch.


He is popular


That is a good idea! I thought of this myself about two days ago, so we could definitely do this if you want!


ok, if you create the phone trail art and publish it I’ll remix it and save it as a draft to work on it, and you can add stuff too


Okay. Do you have any specific needs/colors/specifications for the phone? Right now, I am making my “daily trail art”, but I will be able to make the phone tomorrow and absolutely before the weekend ends.


Just do it how you like


Okay, I will! I’ll let you know when it is done!


@StarCoder Here is the phone:

I made it easy to customize in case anything should be changed, and I made both the front and the back of the phone so that we easily could decide that as well.




@William04GamerA I am working on it at the moment. I will add some features and then publish it for you to add some features too.


Okay, cool! Just tell me when you are ready.


Testing to put images in a poll:

  • It works profile|x
  • It doesn’t work…

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Credit to @JonnyGamer!
@JonnyGamer, could I possibly make this a forum tutorial on a new topic if I give credit to you?


Yeah sure thing :ok_hand:

Did you see the <sub>'d polls and the poll within a poll yet?
Some interesting glitches


No, I didn’t, and how did you add the images? I am just curious to see if we did the same thing (here are a screenshot of the post above):

(I probably didn’t have to hide the last digits in the link, but I did it just in case. It is uploaded on the forum, by the way.)


I think we did it the same way
I imported a gif from my photos app, so it’s in a different format when I had done it
I could change the sizes of the photos (30x30)

Hmm let me check again


See the post above.
I just removed the image resolution parameters completely and it turned out pretty good.


Ah, ok
Yeah, I see oh that’s interesting :thinking:

  • Testing
  • Where’d the voting number go

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Where did the voting button and pretty much the whole polls UI go? Another bug to report to Discource…


Hehehehehehe there’s more

  • Testing
  • Does this work, tell me, I can’t see it

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