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Welcome to my general topic!

I will post information about new projects here. You can also ask me questions and I will answer them as fast as I can.

If you have any requests or need help, post here!
I am not doing collabs right now, I am working on awesome things and having my summer camp.

Credit to anyone who did this before me.


William04GamerA plans
Just wanna pop by... (CVStudios update)
Im new Kinda...hehhe
Twilightawesome2 is new to the forum!



Hi, @William04GamerA!


Summons @tankt2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi KVJ and Smartypants! Any questions or feedback?


What is your coding power?
Background making? Pixel art? Trail art?


I am good at general coding, but my best power is art.
Thanks for asking :slight_smile:




In three days I have been regular for 30 days! :slight_smile:


Yea I have a question!

What are you working on?


I have a project saying a minecraft ender pearl, but I don't work at it right now. As I have a lot of time while it's summer, I can finish mostly of my projects the same day, but not all. I will start a big project today or tomorrow.
Thanks for asking!
I have been regular for 30 days!


Yay! I was a Regular and am and have been for at least a day! Le XD


New project :slight_smile:
I can't upload images for some reason...


@TheRealBlah I will make it in a few days, I will work at something other than logos now, but I hope it will be published before Saturday this week.
If you have any suggestions, reply to this!


I have no suggestions.


@TheRealBlah Here is your logo! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y5k2zd0sf


How are you?


Great, but I will need to log out soon. I will play some minecraft but I'll keep the browser open so we can chat!


I'm really tired right now! I walked a long time with Pokemon go with my friend


I did that last week, but for myself. I walked 6 hours, and I had soccer training after that.